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Fashionable Kids Supporting Fabulous Teachers

As the founder of Trendy Nuggets, I want to thank you for supporting our family but also the teachers who make this world a better place. We have become accustom to teachers funding their classrooms to empower and provide what is necessary for our future.

As an elementary school teacher, I personally know how much money it costs to be successful in the classroom. I have watched incredible educators walk away from the profession because they can’t afford to live and support a classroom. Our teachers deserve better, our students deserve to have happy educators. Our mission is to put money back in the pockets of these incredible educators who have a helping hand in raising our children.

The underlying purpose for this company is to provide empowerment for the men and women who are creating the framework for our future. We are ready to make our schools the most beautiful place to be. We believe an educated mind, an open heart, and fabulous outfit is the perfect way to advocate for our teachers.

– Kali Koelpin
Trendy Nuggets

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